Energy Efficiency Tips For 2018

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Are you concerned about the impact that you and your family are making on the environment? Do you want to keep energy bills as low as possible? THA is here to help.

Here are 11 energy efficiency tips guaranteed to shave off home energy costs and lower your energy consumption:

Take control of your thermostat. By far, the biggest energy expenses come from heating or cooling your home. In the winter months, have your heater set to as low as comfortably possible – preferably the 67-68℉ range. If you have a fireplace, use it as much as possible as it will warm a large portion of your house while only costing you the price of the fuel (wood/gas). Remember to inspect your chimney before use and have it professionally cleaned to ensure home safety. In the summer months, keep your AC in the 76-78℉ range. In addition, turn on ceiling fans and mobile fans to keep air circulating. Installing a programmable thermostat will sustain the temperatures you want while using the least amount of energy possible.

Replace any old, incandescent light bulbs with new, fluorescent, energy efficient ones. Fluorescents use 25% of the energy of incandescents, and last about 10 times longer. Not only do they use far less electricity, fluorescent lights do not heat up in the way incandescents do. Switching lights will also help lower AC costs, as fluorescent lights output almost no heat. Remember to dispose of old fluorescent light bulbs safely! These bulbs contain small amounts of mercury. Instead of disposing in your trashcan, take these to a bulb recycling program at a nearby Lowes or Home Depot.

Try to get in the habit of closing sun-facing blinds in the summer months, and opening those blinds in the winter months. Block out the sun when it’s too much, and avoid turning your home into a greenhouse, thereby lowering cooling costs. In the winter, use the sun to your advantage and let rays radiate in, warming your home.

Although most homeowners do not get to decide which AC unit is installed, if you have the opportunity, look for products that have an Energy Star sticker with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER indicates how well your unit can maintain temperatures while using the least amount of energy. Call us at THA Plumbing to discuss different options for AC units – our experts will tell you everything you need to know before you make a purchase!

Similar to the AC unit, look for an Energy Star Rated heating unit if you need to replace yours. By using the most efficient and up-to-date technology, you’ll be sure to lower your energy consumption.

Know how to use your ceiling fans like a pro. This trick will force hot air back down from the ceiling to the ground, so you don’t waste money heating unoccupied space. Simply reverse all of your ceiling fans from their summer setting and you should start to feel warmer quickly.

Make sure your home is insulated and any leaks or cracks are filled with sealant. This ensures that you aren’t literally throwing money out of the window by allowing heat or air conditioning to escape. This will also help prevent bug infestations! Most find that heating and cooling costs are lowered by 10% when everything is properly sealed.

Ensure that your windows do not have any leaks either. If your home is older, it may be time to replace windows with newer panes that block out some of the sun’s radiation, and hold the inside climate better. While this may seem like a large investment, it will save thousands of dollars down the road and increase the value of your home.

Install light dimmers wherever possible. These actually cut energy costs and increase the longevity of your bulbs by decreasing the power output to them.

Stay on top of home maintenance. Small problems quickly become big problems over time; repair costs become replacement costs. Avoid shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for new appliances by frequent inspection and prompt repair as needed.

If it isn’t in use, it shouldn’t be on – or even plugged in! Remember to turn off everything that is not in use, and unplug electronics that siphon electricity even when off. Purchase power strips for areas with many electronics to turn off and on with one switch.

Here at THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing, we know that it can be difficult to get ahead of the rising costs of home maintenance. We want to simplify your experience by giving you access to reliable, reasonable appliance work, as well as boost your personal knowledge. If you’re located in San Diego, call us at (858) 571-8865 to schedule your next repair, install, or anything else in between today!