Save Money on Heating Costs as Winter Rolls Around

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Although the heat of this summer may have seemed never-ending, winter is on its way. With dropping temperatures come higher thermostat settings, followed by increased energy costs. Fortunately, there are several things you can do around your home to prepare for winter. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating unit can slash bills by at least 10% – leading to huge savings down the road! Follow these tips to prepare for the coming season and reduce your home heating costs.

Lower your thermostat setting.

Don’t overwork your heating unit, especially when you aren’t home. You can save a lot of money by keeping your thermostat at 62 degrees, and supplementing with some of the tips on this list. If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to lower the temperature while everyone’s at work or school.

Get a programmable thermostat.

While most homes built in the last 30 years have programmable thermostats, some older homes may not. Although this is not a free swap, it will save hundreds in the long run by regulating your heating and air conditioning unit to ensure efficient heating or cooling on a money-saving schedule.

Use a space heater.

Investing in a quality space heater or two for your home will allow you to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature, meaning you’ll be consuming less energy, and heating only the rooms you need. When space heater use guidelines are followed, these handy appliances are perfectly safe!

Reverse your fans from summer to winter setting.

You may not know your ceiling fans have two settings! Counterclockwise is for summer and clockwise at a low speed is for winter. The clockwise movement pulls cool air up to the ceiling and keep warm air down by you, keeping you warm.

Add some insulation.

Or if you know you already have it, make sure it’s in good condition. Poor insulation means cool air can penetrate your home and warm air (that comes from your hard earned dollars!) can escape. Insulation will make your home feel noticeably warmer while allowing your thermostat to stay a bit lower than usual!

Seal any leaks in ventilation.

Similar to insulation, ventilation leaks lead to dollars throw away. Inspect ventilation and seal leaky portions to keep warm air flowing. This is a cheap and easy way to keep costly warm air from leaking out.

Make sure your fireplace is cleaned and use it! If it’s not in use, close it, and make sure it’s sealed.

Using your fireplace, the original home heating element, is one of the best ways to keep your home warm in the winter. It’s important to make sure that your chimney and fireplace are clean and free of any build up or soot. One chimney is enough to heat an entire single family home, at the fraction of the cost of electric or gas heating. If you have a fireplace and don’t use it, make sure that your flu is sealed properly and isn’t allowing any cold air in or warm air out.

Use natural light and heat from the sun during the day to help warm your home.

Open the blinds on your south-facing windows to allow the sun to warm your home for free. Conversely, close blinds at night or when it’s overcast and cold to keep heat from escaping.

Clean all parts of your heating system.

Additionally, ensure there is nothing blocking any of these items like furniture or rugs. All parts include vents, air filters, and the heating unit itself. This will keep warm air flowing and equipment running efficiently.

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