9-1-1, Plumbing Emergency!

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It can be daunting to face a major break and the subsequent repair. Thankfully the experts at THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing are on call to provide fast, reliable plumbing services the next time you need help after regular business hours. With that being said, it’s important to know what constitutes a plumbing emergency. This week, we’re going to tell you about several different scenarios where you should definitely call a professional. It’s important to ask yourself several questions about the issue to make sure emergency services are actually necessary or if you should wait until normal business hours.


How long until this becomes a bigger problem?

If you have a major leak, coming from something like a burst pipe, time is of the essence. Try to reach the main water shut off valve to avoid flooding. If you cannot reach this valve, it’s necessary to call a plumber to get the problem under control. Water can accumulate quickly and ravage your home, causing severe damage, before you know it.  


Our main concern with this question is will the issue cause further damage, or pose a danger to anyone. Appliances involving electricity should be approached with caution when broken. If it’s a damaged water heater you’re dealing with, it is probably in your best interest to call a plumber to avoid harm.


Make sure that this problem is not up to the city or county to fix. Sometimes major plumbing issues can be a result of problems with public utility works, not your own private system. Inspect your problem, especially if it nears property lines or you live in an apartment or townhouse, so you don’t waste time getting someone out to you for a problem that is not your issue to begin with.


How much of a hassle will it be if I have to wait?

If you assess the problem and it does not have the potential to become dangerous, it’s important to ask how much of a burden this issue is to your household. For some, a clogged drain is no big deal, another sink can be used, or it can wait. For a large family with few bathrooms, or the need to feed several children, these kinds of things absolutely cannot wait. This is understandable, which is why we always have professional plumbers on call for any emergency, any time of day.


Don’t hesitate to call a plumber for emergency services even if you think your problem may be “too small”. A lot of people we’ve spoken too have expressed discomfort at the thought of calling a plumber after hours. If it is causing major impairment in your life, you should always give us a call. At  THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing, we’re committed to you, the customer, which is why we would never turn away someone in need.


Common plumbing emergency repairs:

  • Burst pipes

  • Wall leaks
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Overflowing dishwasher
  • Water heater malfunction
  • Sump pump malfunction
  • Stopped up kitchen sink drain

We also have heating and air conditioning experts with us at THA. These professionals offer quality HVAC repair and maintenance whenever you need it. Having an HVAC emergency? This is the team for you. In the dead of winter, we know you only have hours before your home becomes too frigid to stand. At the height of summer, sweating out a humid day seems nearly impossible. Don’t even begin to worry, just give us a call and we’ll get your home running the way you like it.


Here at THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing, we know that it can be difficult to get ahead of the rising costs of home maintenance. Whether it be a water heater installation, a leaky faucet, or a malfunctioning septic tank – we are here to help. Our goal is to provide thorough plumbing services at an affordable cost, and arm you with the information you need to maintain your home. We want to simplify your experience by giving you access to reliable, reasonable appliance work, as well as boost your personal knowledge. We offer round-the-clock services including emergency plumbing repairs, outside of regular business hours. If you’re located in San Diego, call us at (858) 571-8865 to schedule your next repair, install, or anything else in between today!