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As the spring season approaches, there is the need to ensure that all maintenance checks are conducted to ensure that your home, all installation and appliances are in optimal working condition. With the plumbing work being an important part of the home, hiring San Diego plumbing contractors for spring maintenance can help you decrease the chances of serious problems thus reducing the financial demands of costly damages, repairs and replacements.

To ensure that your home is properly cared for as spring is ushered in, below is your spring maintenance checklist.

Check for piping leaks

Piping leaks remains one of the biggest causes of water damage in the home and to prevent against this, it is recommended that you take a careful look at faucets for leaks. Make sure to confirm that there is no water escaping from around connections when the faucets are shut off. If you detect new leaks, it is recommended that you call on plumbing professionals to repair faulty fixtures to prevent further damages and also reduce your water bill.

Check for toilet leaks

Toilet leaks are common and may cause secondary problems when left unattended to. It is recommended that you look for leaks in both the bowl and tank. If you fail to find leakages, place half a dozen drops of food dye in the tank and wait to see if the dye ends up in the bowl itself un-agitated. If you discover the color in the bowl after an hour, chances are that there could be a leak in the system which should be checked out.

Maintain water heater

Water heaters are essential part of the daily bath routine and it becomes increasingly harder to notice its need for maintenance until it is finally broken. With newer water heaters being more efficient in terms of energy use, it is important that you switch out your old water heaters for new ones, especially if your old water heater is between 8 to 10 years or more. Regardless of the age however, there a few practices you can adopt to ensure that the water heater is running at its peak and these are

  1. Ensure that the water heater is set no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. For safety reasons, move any items around the water heater away from the unit

Check Appliances

Appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine or ice maker make use of water and as a result may also fall prey to common plumbing issues such as leakages and more. To ensure that these appliances are functioning at its peak, make sure to change the hose if they are more than 10 years. When changing hoses, stainless steel hoses are recommended as they are stronger and more reliable and less prone to wear and tear like other hoses. It is recommended that you check the lint trap on your washing machine.

Test out the sump pump

As part of your spring routine maintenance practice, also ensure that you test out the sump pump to ascertain that it is working optimally and efficiently. To do this, pour a bucket of water into the pit where the sump pump is located. In doing this, the sump pump should immediately be activated and drain the water, then deactivate after this. If it fails to come on and off as normal, call on your plumbing pros for proper attention.


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