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The shower habits we have picked up over the years may not particularly be the best, especially for our plumbing. San Diego plumbers have found that some common shower habits contribute more to the damage done to the plumbing in most houses and these damages are not only restricted to shower knobs.

While these shower habits have become a part of our daily lives, there is the need to understand and change some of these practices to reduce the amount spent in repairs and replacement of plumbing installations.

Below are of the common bad shower habits that can ruin your plumbing.

Long, hot shower

Most of us are known to commonly look forward to the long, hot showers which mirror a meditative, spa-like experience right in the comfort of our homes, however, while this in its entirety is not a bad choice, especially when you indulge occasionally, it can be a big problem when it becomes a frequent affair. For starters, this kind of shower can cause skin irritation over time and may also cause itchy skin, but ahead of that, this habit creates the perfect environment which encourages the growth of molds in your shower and bathroom. As a means of combating this, it is recommended that you have proper ventilation in the bathroom to help eliminate humidity. Ensure to also keep windows and bathroom doors open to allow for the heat to properly dissipate. If you must indulge, ensure that this does not become a regular affair.

Leaving your loofah in the shower

While this is a common practice which comes naturally to most people, leaving your loofah handing in the shower after you are done is a bad habit that can also cause an increase in growth of mold. The warm, moist environment created exposes molds to the perfect environment which encourages their growth and worse still is that the loofah is rubbed on the skin thus exposing the skin to other conditions which may be detrimental to the health.

Leaving hair down the drain

Hair clog has been revealed to be one of the commonest ways to damage the drain. Most blockages in the pipes are attributed to solid materials such as hair which accumulate over time. Hair can cause the drain to run slowly at first and over time, when left unattended can cause complete blockage.

Leaving water on the floor

Leaving water on the floor sounds pretty obvious as a bad decision and this is because you would never be comfortable leaving water sitting on the floor of your bedroom, living area, or kitchen. It is recommended that you double check at all times to be sure that water left unattended to is cleaned off. Use shower mat to collect excess moisture if need be.

Ignoring hard water build-up

Hard water can irritate the hair and skin and this can cause you to spend more money on hair care products such as conditioners and moisturizers. Hard water however does other damages as it collects in the nozzles of the shower head and over time causes blockage. The dry, flaky substance you observe around the nozzles are caused by continued hard water deposits and over time may cause you to purchase a new shower head. Take time to wipe off the shower head using shampoo to deal with buildups.

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