Improving HVAC Efficiency


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The HVAC system in your home takes up a significant part of your annual energy cost and this is why you should pay attention to its needs to ensure that it remains efficient and in turn reduces the overall amount spent on energy. With HVAC repair in San Deigo being one of the best ways to deal with HVAC problems, there are additional tips that can be adopted to help you better maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system and also improve on its lifespan while reducing energy consumption.

Below are some of the common ways by which you can better improve the efficiency of your HVAC system for better energy consumption and longevity.

Clean or replace the HVAC filter

HVAC filter play an important role overall in maintaining premium indoor air quality. however, the filters over time may get clogged, especially when they have been in use for months and this demands that they be changed, not only to improve the efficiency of the HVAC system but also to keep inhabitants of the home safe and free from health risks. With filters tending to get clogged easily, especially during climatic extremes, it is recommended that you intensify efforts to ensure that they are periodically changed. A good news is that most filters are designed to be user-removable thus saving them the stress and financial obligation of hiring an HVAC expert.

Clean the vents

In addition to the filter, the HVAC vents should also be properly cleaned at all times to prevent against any form of obstruction that may mount pressure on the system thus causing it to consume more energy than required. Most vent designs are created to be easily accessible and removed for cleaning thus saving you the extra cost of hiring an HVAC maintenance crew to handle this task. It is however recommended that you exercise care when doing the cleaning so as to avoid damaging the electrical connectors. If you haven’t had your duct system cleaned in a while, we recommended that you perform this maintenance task soon.

Invest in energy efficient fenestrations

Fenestrations are the openings installed on the home’s exterior walls. Fenestration in general include window, entry doors, and skylights. The traditional materials used for fenestrations are made from single-pane glass and are therefore less energy efficient compared to the modern day products that are better insulators and prevent the passage of heat by conduction. The older and traditional fenestration materials are less energy efficient thus leading to heat loss during cold days and heat gain during hot days and this put significant pressure on the HVAC system, demanding it to perform at higher pace to cater for the losses. Investing in energy efficient fenestrations can save you more in energy consumption and bills.

Do not put off scheduled inspections

Scheduled HVAC inspection has a lot of advantages especially when handled by licensed and well trained professionals. Sticking to inspection dates can help you better identify problems at the early stages and allows for proper fixing before the problems become widespread. In addition to this, you get to save more money on repairs and ensure that the HVAC system is working at optimal conditions.

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