Most Common Repairs in the San Diego Area

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Here’s a list of the most common repairs we see called in for the San Diego area. Take a look through these to get an idea of what kinds of maintenance issues you may deal with down the road. We also included a few tips on how to deal with problems as they arise, and when to call us, the experts.


Drain Blockages

You might think the best, first step for any clogged drain is picking up a bottle of drain unclogger. Understandable, considering how well the powerful cleaning solution can clear a clogged shower or tub drain. However, the majority of blocked drains should be handled by a professional, especially when the blockage is in the kitchen. Additionally, blocked drains can be a sign of a larger problem under the surface. When you call THA Heating, Air & Plumbing for a blocked drain, we will send out a plumbing expert that can inspect drains and related systems to help you get the problem fixed right away.


Water Pressure Issues

Depending on the age of your home, the hardness of your water, and a slew of other variables, your water pressure may be noticeably weak. In San Diego where the water is hard, pipes build up deposits quite quickly. As a result of this, many homes have massive amounts of buildup that have accrued over time that lead to poor water pressure. Call us and we will send out an expert to inspect faucets and pipes. We’ll have your water pressure back to optimal strength in no time!


Broken Air Conditioning Unit

Attempting to fix a broken air conditioning unit by yourself is extremely hazardous! This machine requires electricity and could deliver a dangerous shock if handled incorrectly. Have your air conditioning unit fixed as safely as possible by a professional. However, make sure your air conditioning filter has been replaced recently or if it’s reusable, is clean. This is usually the source of minor air conditioning failures.


Faulty Water Heater

Similar to air conditioning units, water heater repairs absolutely require a professional. You may be experiencing issues with water not warming up, not warming quickly, or not flowing well. Call us at THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing so we can come inspect the problem, inform you of your options, and help you make the best informed decision possible! We offer reliable, fast service for any water heater repair.


Updates for environmental reasons

The number of environmentally-friendly options for home appliances has skyrocketed in the last ten years. Gone are the days when a high energy star rating was always accompanied by a high price tag. There are a multitude of washing machines, dryers, air conditioning units, water heaters, and home heaters on the market at a fraction of the cost they used to be. Our appliance experts at THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing can help you decide which appliances are the correct fit for your home.



The network of pipes that keep water flowing in and out of your home is made up of parts that vary widely in ages. Additionally, pipe materials and methods have changed dramatically over the years, leading many homes to require a full pipe overhaul. Have us check your home’s pipes and we can get everything replaced in a timely, stress-free manner!


Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters are becoming extremely popular, especially in an environmentally conscious area, like San Diego. These water heaters are able to heat water as it’s used, instead of keeping it sitting in a large tank. Never run out of hot water again and stop waiting minutes with the faucet running for it to heat up. Over time, you should see a huge drop off in water and electricity costs because of how efficient these machines are.


Here at THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing, we know that it can be difficult to get ahead of the rising costs of home maintenance. We want to simplify your experience by giving you access to reliable, reasonable appliance work, as well as boost your personal knowledge. If you’re located in San Diego, call us at (858) 571-8865 to schedule your next repair, install, or anything else in between today!