AC Myths Busted

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When it comes to home maintenance, everyone seems to have their own piece of advice. Your parents all have something to say about what temperature your air conditioning should be kept at. Your neighbor might ask you to shut off their AC if they forgot to do so before vacation. Sometimes, however, this advice may actually be based in what someone has been told by family or friends, rather than an expert. Here at THA Heating, Air, & Plumbing, we want to help you separate fact from the myth, so you can understand your air conditioning system and save a little money along the way!

Trying to get a quick chill. Your thermostat should not be set to a lower temperature than you intend just to make the house cooler more quickly. This will not make the house cool faster – it will just take longer. This is risky behavior as setting your thermostat too low can cause your unit to freeze which will later require defrosting, meaning a day or two with your air conditioning completely off. Or, if your unit defrosts on its own, you could potentially be looking at water damage from a leaking unit.

Opening and closing vents in rooms that are or aren’t in use. This is something that we all may be guilty of, and it seems to make sense, but since your AC unit will send out the same amount of cool air no matter how many vents are open and lead to wasted air sitting in vents that are closed. Don’t waste money and leave all vents open to ensure cool air can circulate properly through ventilation ducts and your home.

Never changing your thermostat. We know this may seem counterintuitive, but if you spend a lot of time away from home working a 40+ hour week, it will save you a large chunk of change in the long run to program your thermostat to raise while you’re gone. We recommend turning the thermostat up to 86 degrees for the 8+ hours a day you’ll be gone. Your electric bill should show a promising decrease!

The only A/C unit maintenance that needs to be done doesn’t require a professional. While a new air conditioning filter may have you feeling like your unit is as good as new, make sure to schedule yearly maintenance and cleaning with a professional. Over time, unwanted particles build up inside the machinery and begin clogging parts leading to decreased efficiency and wasted energy. Routine maintenance will ensure that your machinery is running at full capacity at all times.

Bigger is better. When it comes to A/C units..bigger is definitely not better. Yes, different sized air conditioning units do correspond with square footage, but at some point, a unit can be too large to be efficient for your space. All air conditioning units are specially selected to match your home and are chosen based upon many criteria like number of windows, amount of sunlight your house receives, how much open space your home has, and other important variables. Having a unit that is too large for your space will cause it to turn off frequently and will cause problems down the line.

Most A/C units can withstand all seasons without maintenance. At the beginning of each new season make sure to inspect your outdoor air conditioning unit thoroughly. Leaves, dirt, dust, debris, or animal waste may be stuck in your unit and require cleaning. If you are not confident about doing this yourself, give us a call and we’d be happy to inspect your unit, refill any coolant, and replace any broken parts.

Air conditioning units can make you sick. Sickness is caused by pathogens like bacteria or viruses. Air conditioners only make the air cooler, not infectious. See a doctor if you become sick!