If your water heater is acting up, garbage disposal is backed up, and drains are clogged (hopefully not all on the same day), you don’t have time to deliberate over finding the perfect plumber. But making a rash decision about the plumber you employ could result in more problems down the road. You want to find a plumber whose advice you can trust and who offers long-term results. While you can’t avoid plumbing problems entirely, you can avoid having to fix the same problem several times. We know that price is an important part of making your decision, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Sometimes plumbing companies offer the lowest possible price over the phone but then add on charges once they get to your home and properly inspect the problem. So how do you find the right plumber for your home? Here are seven tips to help you make your decision:


This goes without saying but is the most important factor in finding the right plumber so bears repeating.  Ask if they are licensed and make sure they carry insurance in the case of a catastrophe.


As with most services, you want someone with the most experience performing repairs on your home. A plumbing company that has been established for decades is likely to employ knowledgeable plumbers and have a well-known reputation. They’re also less likely to disappear on you halfway through your repair.


A reputable plumber often won’t give you an estimate until they have properly assessed the problem in your home.  Once the problem has been determined but before any work is performed, inquire about a written estimate that includes labor and part costs.


When making your decision, don’t rely on the website or advertisement of the plumbing company alone. A good aspect of the Internet is that it forces businesses to be transparent about their services. If a plumber offers subpar work, a quick Google search will reveal past customer experience.


You may not know much about plumbing when looking for a plumber, but you certainly know how to look for a company that delivers more than others in their industry. Check to see if the plumbing company has been given awards voted for by their industry and customers. Another good indication of the plumbing company’s values is to see if they take an active part in their community or regularly shares their knowledge online.


Ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they have a go-to plumber or have had positive experiences with a local plumbing company. Often, asking someone you trust for a referral is how you find a hidden gem.


Don’t be afraid to ask you’re A/C technician, electrician, or construction worker for a referral. Often they will know the best plumbers in your area and mentioning their name may result in a discount!  According to a July 2004 survey conducted for Kohler, about 28 million U.S. households experience a toilet clog each month. 10% of U.S. households have leaks that waste 90 gallons (and more) per day. The IBHS found in a study that plumbing pipes and drain systems were the leading cause of interior water damage, with the average incident costing around $5,000. We’re not telling you this to make you nervous or have you checking your plumbing every 5 minutes, we’re letting you know why it’s important to have the best plumber on call! You may be thinking “well that’s all well and good, but how do I know when I have found the best plumber in Plano, who can handle any plumbing emergency I may have?” We’re glad you asked, because we’ve compiled some tips and strategies that will help you identify the best plumbers in Plano (or anywhere else in the U.S. really)!Legacy Plumbing Services


  • Start looking now. Finding the best plumber that is easier when you have time to do the necessary research. Eventually something in your home will spring a leak or wear out, so make sure you’ve selected a reliable plumber while you have the time (not when you’re scrambling to search the phone book as your house fills up with water).
  • Ask your friends and family. Talk to family members or neighbors about their experiences with local plumbers. They will probably be more than happy to share the good and bad encounters with plumbers and will steer you clear of suspicious or unreliable plumbing companies.
  • Ask a trusted professional. If you’ve relied on a trusted HVAC or electrical contractor over the years, ask them for a recommendation. Reputable pros are always glad to share references and your inquiry might net a discount on an introductory service call.
  • Check online reviews. Scanning the local yellow pages might get you contact numbers, but if you head online and search for local plumbers you’re going to find a plethora of local listing sites that include reviews and recommendations (or warnings) along with the contact information. Check out online review sites that consolidate positive and negative consumer reviews about local plumbers, because the more feedback the company has, the more accurate the general assessment of their service will be.
  • Check the local Better Business Bureau and other business organizations. Sometimes it’s beneficial to check with local business organizations to verify the details of the plumbing companies you’ve found. Local business organizations typically hold their members to higher standards, so if the company you’re checking on is included in the Better Business Bureau or other organizations’ listings, that is a solid vote of confidence in their service.
  • Contact the plumbing companies that interest you. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, fill out emails and contact forms of different Plano plumbers. An established business knows that you want an overview of its services, so most companies will offer a contact form, email, or phone number that is open to calls from people who just want preliminary info. This is how you can find out how many years of experience the plumber brings to the jobs, the area of service they cover, and if they have any specials or discounts.

You can (and should) spend time doing your research and verifying information on local plumbers, but we’d like to offer you a shortcut! Contact us for more information.